NASA's Cassini spacecraft snapped portraits of Earth on Friday -- from nearly 900 million miles away.

As the spacecraft orbited Saturn, it took photos of Earth on July 19 between 2:27 and 2:42 p.m. PST. The portrait was special because of the two planets' positions at that time. From Saturn, Earth was entirely visible and not backlit by the sun.

NASA invited followers of its social media channels to wave at Saturn on Friday as Cassini snapped the photos. People around the world posted photos of themselves waving in a Flickr group, Facebook event page and using the hashtag #WaveAtSaturn.

There are only two images ofEarth from the outer solar system. NASA's Voyager 1 took the first 23 years ago from 4 billion miles away. Cassini photographed Earth from 926 million miles in 2006.

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