Kris Evans can t help but think what might have been when she looks at the picture of her 3-year-old grandson, Caden, and his mother.

He looks just like she did at 3, Evans said. They have the same smile, the same eyes.

Caden s mom, 20-year-old Felipa Evans-Lopez, was found murdered in the Lake Stevens rental home she shared with her boyfriend last month. She had been tied up with electrical cords and stabbed two dozen times.

I wanted to know what happened. That s just who I am, but it was a lot worse than I imagined, said Evans.

Police say DNA evidence found on those cords connects Anthony Garver to the killing. They claim he was seen on surveillance video with the victim a few days before the murder at an Everett McDonald s. Police say he had a bloody knife in his possession when he was arrested Tuesday.

Evans thinks her daughter befriended a man who portrayed himself as down on his luck and hungry. She believes her daughter likely bought Garver food and offered him a place to sleep.

She was that way, said Evans. I just don't think she knew how bad people could be.

At a bail hearing Wednesday, Garver was combative, confused and even denied that he was Anthony Garver.

Court documents indicate Garver served three years in prison for threatening to blow up a government building in Spokane. At one point, he was involuntarily committed to a mental institution and he claims ties to domestic terror groups. In 2008, federal prosecutors tried to get Garver locked up for as long as possible because they feared he was a serious threat to public safety.

I just believe he should've been locked up longer than he was, said Evans. My daughter would still be alive. I just don't know what I'm gonna tell Caden about his mother when he's older. I just don't know.

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