AUBURN, Wash. - Auburn police already launched their fireworks patrols ahead of the 4th of July holiday. This weekend a couple of officers will be assigned to fireworks duty, but that number will go way up next week, according to Commander Scott Near.

On the fourth, in the evening hours we will probably have close to 23 patrol cars out there, said Near.

Auburn allows some fireworks, but items like firecrackers and bottle rockets are illegal within city limits. Enforcing the rules can be a challenge since the neighboring Muckleshoot Indian Reservation sells high-flying fireworks. People can purchase the illegal fireworks at the stands there and drive them off site as long as they are on a state highway, but they can not light those fireworks off in Auburn, according to police.

It does get difficult because different jurisdictions have different laws, said Near.

In Auburn, if 'it goes up and blows up' it is illegal. However, on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation, the same slogan is a selling point.

Auburn police plan on a busy weekend and holiday. Near said they will take a no tolerance approach to illegal fireworks within city limits.

For a list of fireworks laws in your city, check here.
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