Students, parents, and Port Townsend high school alumni packed into the auditorium Monday night, as their school board voted to change the Redskins mascot.

For more than 80 years, the Redskins has been the team name for the school. But some are concerned it is a racial slur and shows a lack of respect for the Native American community.

Students and many alumni stood before the board and said it was a symbol of pride.

The overwhelming majority of the crowd were in support of keeping the mascot. Few dared to speak against it.

I've watched over 20 year, slights and disrespects that aren't intended and noticed, said one grandmother, who said she has Native American kids and grand kids. But I notice it.

In the end, the school board decided it was important to teach future generations respect and sensitivity, and voted unanimously to drop the Redskins name.

In the next year, the board will decide on the process to choose a new mascot.

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