NASA announced an Asteroid Grand Challenge on Tuesday to find all asteroid threats to humans and develop a plan to deal with them.

The challenge will rely on multi-disciplinary collaborations with other government agencies, international partners, industries, academia and citizen scientists. It is meant to complement NASA's recently announced mission to send humans to study an asteroid and redirect it.

NASA has found 95 percent of the large asteroids near Earth's orbit, but it wants to find all that might pose a threat to Earth, said NASADeputy Administrator Lori Garver.

Grand Challenges are national or global initiatives that require innovative breakthroughs in science and technology. They represent part of President Obama's Strategy for American Innovation.

Along with the challenge, NASA also released a request for information to industry and potential partners to submit ideas on how to locate, redirect and explore asteroids, as well as how to plan for asteroid threats. The request is open for 30 days; responses will help develop public engagement strategies and shape a September industry workshop.

Watch a video of NASA's Grand Challenge announcement.

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