A proposed gun control bill backed by Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer will be filed on Monday with the Washington legislature.

We want to keep guns out of the hands of people that are dangerous criminals or insane, Hanauer said. He said the bill will be a no excuses, no exceptions criminal background checks bill.

Hanauer and his colleagues want to close a loophole inWashington's current background check law that does not require vendors at gun shows to check customers' criminal histories.

The measure will go to the Washington legislature first, which will give lawmakers a chance to act on it, Hanauer said. If they do not, it will land on the ballot in 2014.

It typically takes millions of dollars to gather signatures to put a measure on the ballot, but Hanauer has drive -- and money -- to accomplish the task.

For the record, Hanauer said he owns four guns of his own, which he keeps locked up.

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