Seattle is a step closer to setting up legal marijuana zoning.

Where can it be grown, sold, baked and delivered?

Every Seattle household will be allowed to grow up to 45 plants or the equivalent of 72 ounces.

Big scale growing operations will be confined to industrial areas in the outskirts of the city.

Seattle may be the first American city to zone for recreational marijuana.

We're a little bit in the Twilight Zone. We have federal laws that on the one hand make it illegal, says Seattle City Council Member, Nick Licata.

For sales: No marijuana stores in residential neighborhoods, near schools, tourists areas or historic districts.

For growing: Large scale marijuana production would be limited to 50,000-square-foot operations, restricted to industrial zones mostly south of SODO and the sports stadiums.

A big problem is how to zone for recreational pot and medical pot, two different industries.

I think the customers are different. The products they want and enjoy are different, said Darby DuComb with the Seattle City Attorney's Office.

Final pot zoning decisions are expected from the Seattle Council on Tuesday, but, it may still be fluid as state, federal and city marijuana laws collide.

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