Kentwood High School senior Cassidy Meyers started wrestling at the age of 6.

I was always just the tomboy growing up, I wasn't into cheerleading or the girlier sports, you could say, I just liked being physical when I'm out playing sports, said Meyers.

So, she decided to take up wrestling. Her dad wrestled in college. Her older sister Jolene won two state titles, and during Cassidy's junior year, she would also place first at state.

Cassidy credits her mom, dad and 5 brothers and sisters for her success in sports, and she even has a tattoo on her neck which means family in Hawaiian, yet Cassidy also draws inspiration from another person.

Shelby Lee was Cassidy's wrestling teammate, and best friend for 11 years.

She's always on my mind, says Cassidy of Shelby.

But on December 28th, 2010, the 17-year-old Lee was killed in a car accident near Maple Valley. One night after the crash, there was a roadside remembrance, but Cassidy would never forget her friend.

I grew up on the mat with her and to step on it and know she wasn't there, it was heartbreaking, but it also pushed me to live up to her name and in that sense, wrestle for her.

Shelby's spirit helped Cassidy to even greater success in another sport. Cassidy may not be one of the biggest players on the rugby field, but she is one of the best.

I talked to her dad about two practices in and told him that she was going to be a US player if she wanted to be, said Kent Crusaders rugby coach Rex Norris.

And sure enough, Cassidy was invited to play for the US National Team.

Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and better is best, said Meyers. That's one thing I keep in mind, knowing that the bar is always rising, no matter what.

And no matter what, Cassidy will never forget her friend Shelby.

Cassidy and the Crusaders are in Wisconsin this weekend competing in the National Rugby Championships. They are ranked 3rd in the nation.

Cassidy is the high school player of the year.

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