It s against the law, but that hasn t stopped people from using their cell phone while driving. People in Gig Harbor had enough of it and told police to do something, so during May, the Gig Harbor Police Department is cracking down on using cell phones while driving.

No department-wide numbers are available yet, but one officer alone gave out 69 tickets in the first 6 days, including 20 on May 1.

Officer John Hicks says it s easy to cite three or four people an hour just sitting in one place.

Driving while talking or texting has been a primary offense in Washington, meaning one can be pulled over for it without any other violations, since 2010. Violators receive a $124 fine, but nothing goes on their driving record.

It s everywhere, said Ann Michael of Gig Harbor. And it s not just the young kids, it s grandma and grandpa, too.

Lighted road signs are in place, warning drivers of the emphasis on cell phone enforcement. The department plans on continuing their efforts throughout the month.

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