Seattle Police are looking for a few good, and different, men and women.

Nearly 300 officers will be hired over the next five years. Police are looking for more minorities and a new image, as the department begins the recruitment process.

The city will loosen requirements for recruits. Those who have smoked pot, but not within the past year; those who have gotten DUI's or other traffic citations; and those with minor misdemeanors will be considered.

People would look at this long list of criteria and say, oh I'll never do this. They'll never take me and I wanna say, no. I want people to apply, said Deputy Chief Dick Reed.

Felons and those convicted of domestic violence will not be considered.

And, another dramatic change involves looks. The department will accept, on a case by case basis, candidates with tattoos and piercings.

You will see some more tattoos, and the fact that somebody may have smoked marijuana in their past isn't going to disqualify them from being a police officer, said Reed.

Open enrollment begins May 6 and the next round of testing for new officers will be on July 13.

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