For two hours, April 15, 2013 was Andy Bryant s most triumphant day. The Seattle native completed the Boston Marathon in two hours, fifty-five minutes.

He also has autism. Bryant, 31, described the aftermath as different and scary, as his hotel and the streets of Boston turned into chaos.

Lots of guns. Lots of guys in fatigues, explained Bryant s mother Colleen Engle, We were going to be so excited to go out and celebrate and be joyous. That all just blew up.

Now back in Seattle, Bryant proudly wears his finisher s medal. Meanwhile, his mother was glued to the television as authorities finally tracked down the last of two suspects in the bombings.

Relieved that the city of Boston was not going to have to look over its shoulder again, Engle said, Wondering if something else was going to happen.

Bryant chooses to focus on the accomplishment of his day. But as the pair looks over pictures taken the day before the bombings at the finish line, neither can escape the unusual sensation of what has happened over the last week.

It is so weird to look at it now and to know what happened right there, she commented.

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