Shockwaves from the explosions at the Boston Marathon are rippling through the huge running community in Western Washington. Family and friends scrambled to get in touch with loved ones at the race.

Nick Crookshank s mother was running the marathon and his father was watching on the sidelines. Patty is in Boston for her third marathon.

She loves running. It is her passion, she loves it more than anything. She'd been training all year for it, he said.

Patty finished in 3 hours 58 minutes. Nick was at work at Fox Sports 1380 KRKO and was just about to post the good news on Facebook when he got a call from his father, Randy, who was on the sidelines.

He was screaming in the phone, there was an explosion, I can smell gunsmoke we're getting out of here, said Nick.

Nick lost contact with his parents and for awhile Twitter feeds and texts were his lifelines for news.

He felt the blast and called me, the second one there was a visible mushroom cloud and people started crying and panicking, he said.

Patty and Randy scrambled to get to a bus, to get out of Boston.

And he said it's really starting to settle in what happened and how close they were. He grabbed her, dragged her 3 blocks, she'd just finished running 26. 2 miles, not going to stand around and wait, Nick said.

It was a close call the 22-year old doesn't want to think about.

If she would have crossed the finish line 3 minutes later, it would have been a very sad day, he said. I would have lost both my parents most likely.

Patty and Randy don't fly home until Wednesday. Nick talked to his mother on Monday afternoon, and shared the call with KING 5 on speakerphone.

I was happy that I finished when I did, Patty said.

Congratulations, I'm really proud of you, Nick said.

Also worried that something else was going to go off next, Patty said.

I miss you, Iove you, instead of just waiting, falling asleep Wednesday night, I'll just wait for you to come home. Talk to you later mom, love you.

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