Violent sexual abuse, rape, and young boys scared into silence. They're disturbing details outlined in two separate lawsuits set to be filed Wednesday in King County. Both take aim at the Boy Scouts of America.

They're the latest lawsuits to come from the release of the so-called perversion files kept by the Boy Scouts. The organization kept detailed records on suspected child molesters in its ranks for years.

The files were used as a way to kick pedophiles out of scouting and to make sure they stayed out, but Seattle attorney Mike Pfau says the Boy Scouts of America did not do nearly enough to prevent abuse.

It's about a breakdown in their system, it's about, we think, lax policies, and an organization that knew they were being infiltrated by child molesters and did not do enough to stop them, he said.

The two lawsuits he's filing in King County Superior Court on Wednesday involve two victims, who were young boys in the 1980s and both attended Fire Mountain Boy Scout Camp in Mount Vernon.

However, Pfau says they were not abused by the same person.

One was the camp's health officer and he abused a kid who got hurt in the infirmary, and the other one was the aquatics director, who raped the child in the aquatics tower, he said.

The first accused abuser is Assistant Scoutmaster Charles Grewe, the aquatics director who was finally blacklisted from the Boy Scouts in 1988, after being convicted of sex crimes against several children.

Grew is mentioned in the Boy Scouts of America perversion files.

The lawsuit says Pfau's client claims Grewe often fondled him over his clothing , and on one occasion raped him, then told him to keep his mouth shut about what happened because nobody would believe him .

The second lawsuit alleges a man who served as that very same camp's health officer in the 1980s forced another one of Pfau's clients to get completely naked at the camp infirmary, then sexually abused him.

I think for both of them, it's important now in their lives to take a stand, speak out, and let the scouts know this happened and it's not okay, said Pfau.

Neither of his clients wanted to be identified. One is still living in Washington, the other has moved out of state.

Attorneys also tell KING 5 that one of the alleged abusers is now deceased.

Pfau says it's about holding the boy scouts organization accountable.

The lawsuits are asking for damages in an amount to be proven at trial, for the physical and emotional suffering his clients claim to have suffered as a result of this alleged abuse.

This appears to be just the latest blow to the Boy Scouts of America, currently under fire nationwide, for its handling of the perversion files.

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