SEATTLE -- A prayer vigil took place Thursday night, not far from the Seattle street corner where a husband and wife were killed on Monday.

Pastor Kathy Law of Sand Point Community Methodist Church called Judith and Dennis Schulte, the salt of the earth.

She said Thursday night'sservice is in support of the two people injured in that accident, the Schulte s daughter-in-law Karina and her baby son Elias.

It was an emotional ceremony, attended by the victims' family members, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers.

They prayed for the family, sang songs, and lit candles in honor of the new mom and infant now fighting for their lives.

One of Karina's co-workers described her as one of the best nurses he's ever worked with, who dedicated her life to helping others.

She's strong and positive, and every time I see her, I feel very privileged, and I just hope her baby boy has half the strength that she does, said LincolnSmith.

The vigil also marked the first time we've heard from members of the Schulte family.

The kindness and the outreach has just been tremendous. Seattle was only a short, brief home forJudy and Dennis Schulte, but they lived here and had the happiest week of their life meeting their new grandson, said Judith's sister, Ruth Dwyer. We hope that everyone will continue to pray for Karina and Elias, to mend and heal, and we are grateful and thankful with the way it's being handled, and we appreciate everything.

Pastor Law also pointed out that Thursday marks Karina's 34th birthday, and on Friday, little Elias will be two weeks old.

Other channels of support have been set up by friends and family. Homestreet bank in Seattle s Wedgwood neighborhood is accepting donations for the Karina and Elias Ulriksen-Schulte Medical Fund.

A Fundrzr site has already taken in more than $30,000 to help with medical and travel expenses. Seattle Childrens Hospital, where Karina works, is helping bring her parents here from Chile.

At the street corner near the accident site there is a growing pile of flowers. People have been stopping by all day to pay their respects, leave notes of hope and prayer, or just stand and contemplate the loss of life.

Your heart just bleeds, said Chuck Sandel, who has worked in the area for decades. Tears start to come, you can t stop them. It is all so unnecessary, all the pain for everyone.

Mark Mullan, who is accused driving drunk and hitting the family with his truck, now faces four felony counts, two of Vehicular Homicide and two of Vehicular assault, as well as a reckless driving charge.

A Caring Bridge website set up for Karina and her son said doctors are concerned about brain juries baby may have suffered. The site also said Karina Schulte has a fractured pelvis, fractured hip and knee injuries. She could have surgery within a day or two.

First responders who answered Monday's calls for help from the accident scene also attendedThursday's vigil, and said it was something they really needed.

In turn, the Schulte family thanked first responders for their quick action.

KING 5's Allen Schauffler and Heather Graf contributed to this report.

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