These days you can stay on the forefront of fashion trends without having to buy a runway outfit or a designer handbag.

It all has to do with the color of your nails. But how do you select the perfect shade?

The website Julep has a fast and easy style quiz that can help. You answer a few questions and then find out the best color for you to wear that week.

Julep founder Jane Park said the power nail is replacing the power outfit in the work place. Showing what color you're wearing on your nail says a lot about who you are. If you want to show that you're not someone who is boring or somebody who is on trend and assertive, or whatever you want to show, fun or engaged, it's a great way to do it easily.

You can also find nail color inspiration on other sites. Pictures of nail art are some of the most shared beauty images in social media.

Seattle mother Channah Hanberg said, friends take pictures of their nails and put it on Instagram and then you can take that picture in and ask for that.

Park added, For me that's the really inspirational part of this whole busines, watching women step out of their comfort zone and see what that does for them. The compliments they get, the feeling that they get from the success of doing that hopefully will translate elsewhere in their lives as well.

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