TACOMA, Wash. -- Malayan tiger Berani is showing slight improvement after suddenly falling ill on Monday.

Veterinarians and animal care staff are maintaining round-the-clock-care for the 6-month-old cub who had emergency surgery three days ago.

His vital signs are stable, he continues to receive oxygen therapy and remains sedated, zoo general curator Karen Goodrowe Beck said. The 75-pound cub is now receiving nutrition through a tube.

The team of veterinarians is continuing diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of his illness, though initial results point to some type of infection, Goodrowe Beck said.

Zoo staff members appreciate the outpouring of well-wishes from the community.

Berani, born Aug. 26 of last year, came to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium from The Tulsa Zoo in October to be raised with Dumai, a Sumatran tiger cub born just four days before Berani.

Both cubs were single births. Neither was thriving, and each needed hand-rearing to ensure adequate nutrition.

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