SEATTLE Some opponents of tolling on Interstate 90 are pushing to get an initiative on the November ballot that would prevent tolling on federal interstates running through Washington.

Democracy Workshop filed paperwork in Olympia last week to initiate the process. The group plans to collect about 350,000 signatures by early July to get the measure to the ballot, which may not be an easy process.

The interstate s a little different from state roads, said Elizabeth Campbell, the group s director. They re the spine of the economic and commerce that goes through our area and it s important to keep those free.

The Washington Department of Transportation is researching the possibility of tolling I-90 to help generate more money for the StateRoute 520 bridge project and to help even out traffic crossing Lake Washington.

Some believe more tolling is necessary so the state can meet its transportation needs.

WSDOT has been collecting comments over the past few weeks. The deadline for collecting comments is Friday, then the state will move forward with an environmental study.

Many have voiced concerns about I-90 tolling at WSDOT open houses. A new group called No Toll on I-90 has recently formed and has started posting signs throughout Mercer Island.

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