There's a small dispute over those small car you see zipping around Seattle.

Car2Go launched last month. One perk of the car sharing deal is that customers in Seattle can park a car in a spot beyond the metered time.

Five days, says Magnolia restaurant owner, Alan Chan. Other people, no parking, can't find parking.

Right in front of Gim Wah Restaurant, last week, a Car2Go was parked for several days. The street has two-hour street parking.

Chan says the car took up precious parking and blocked other cars and potential customers from coming to his restaurant.

With Car2Go, customers rent by the minute, leave the car at their destination and the next driver picks it up from there. Parking is included in the rental price.

The company pre-pays Seattle for business and residential parking in the city.

The Car2Go also disrupted parking for a church near the restaurant.

We found that to be problematic next to our church on Sunday because we have very little parking for our church folks, said Joy Haertig, Pastor at The Church of Christ.

A Car2Go spokeswoman denies the car was parked in the Magnolia spot for five days. She says the company's goal is to keep cars moving, not parked in the same spot for more than 24 hours.

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