Prospective Seattle NHL Owner Don Levin said Thursday he has not spoken with the league about acquiring the Phoenix Coyotes franchise.

I'm not certain there is a team available, the Chicago businessman said by phone. I think the city (of Glendale, Ariz.) can negotiate with other people.

However, he reiterated his desire to acquire an NHL franchise and have them play in Seattle. Levin said he recently sent an email to Seattle Arena investor Chris Hansen, congratulating him. He said he'd like to work with Hansen potentially in the future.

I'm certainly, yes, willing to do anything, to put a hockey team in Seattle, said Levin. He added that he believes KeyArena could work as a temporary home for a franchise.

Couple years, yes. It's been done in worse places. They played in the Cow Palace, said Levin.

He added that, ideally, Seattle could play host to an expansion franchise when the new Seattle Arena is constructed, but that the league is not talking about expansion.

Levin, who once toured sites in Bellevue for an arena, said he now considers any deal there dead.

Bellevue is out, said Levin.

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