One day after a home invasion shooting in Hazel Dell, police shoot and kill an armed teenager in a downtown Vancouver neighborhood.

The teen's life ended at about 11:30 Friday night in a parking lot near 21st and C street in Vancouver.

The 16-year-old s brother feared something tragic might happen. In fact, just hours before police caught up with his brother, he made a plea on KGW for his brother, Doug Combs, to turn himself in.

I was asleep and at 4 am two police officers knocked on my door and told me my worst fears had come true, that Doug was dead, said Jason Combs.

Doug Combs died in a hail of gunfire that rattled a downtown Vancouver neighborhood at about 11:30 Friday night.

I heard 4 or 5 fired gunshots, said Pete Johnson, who lives near the shooting scene.

Terry Greenen heard gunshots on both sides of his house. He also heard police make some kind of command right before the shots were fired.

I heard shots fired and there was one young man over there dead, they were not trying to resuscitate him and a second one was right over here that was apprehended, said Greenen

Vancouver police had been searching for the suspect in a home invasion shooting in Hazel Dell since it happened early Friday morning. Police were back at the Hazel Dell scene Saturday and said it appeared the shooting victim would survive.

Doug Combs' oldest brother Brian drove down from Seattle after hearing his brother was killed.

The thing I don t understand is he made a mistake and deserved to be punished, but what I don't understand is why, if they knew where he was, they couldn't have used non-lethal force, said the oldest Combs.

There are a thousand ways to bring this child in without having to kill him, said Jason Combs.

We just want people to know he was a scared kid who made a terrible mistake, but he didn't deserve to die, said Brian Combs.

Vancouver police have released few details about the shooting. In fact, as of Saturday evening they had yet to release Doug Combs' name or the names of the officers involved in the shooting. The Camas Police department will be investigating.

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