Police are looking for two men believed to have robbed and assaulted two different groups of middle schoolers, as they walked through Roxhill Park in West Seattle.

The four young victims say at about 6:30 they were approached by two men, armed with a shotgun, who ordered the kids to hand over their wallets and cell phones.

Police say the men also hit two of kids in the head, with the butt of the gun, before they took off.

Then Tuesday afternoon at about 3 p.m., another group of five middle schoolers were at the same park and were approached by a pair of gunmen, this time armed with handguns.

Police say the men forced the kids to the ground, and again, took their cell phones and cash and ran away.

The two kids who were hit with the shotgun have some cuts and bruises, and are obviously shaken up, but expected to be okay.

Investigators say the young victims were only able to provide vague descriptions of the suspects, black males, between 16 and 17, who were wearing red bandannas over their faces.

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