Another day, another unconfirmed report that the Sacramento Kings are headed to Seattle.

There have been several reports since Wednesday that a Seattle group headed by investor Chris Hansen and Microsoft chairman Steve Ballmer are close to a deal with the Kings owners, the Maloof family.

The latest report comes from Matt Steinmetz, formerly of Comcast Sports Net. He tweeted that, according to a reliable source, the team is being sold for $525 million.

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Steinmetz said the Maloofs would have no stake or decision-making with the Seattle team. That was earlier reported to be a sticking point in the negotiations.

There is no independent confirmation of the report. KING 5 s Chris Daniels, who has been following the Seattle Arena story from the start, said representatives for the Maloofs, for Hansen and for the NBAwould not comment. A limited partner with the Kings said he has heard nothing about a completed sale.

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