Of the 26 homicides in Seattle in 2012, eight remain unsolved.

Twenty-six killings was an average number for the city, but it's no comfort to the families of the victims.

I don't put cases away. They are still on my desk till they're solved, said Seattle Homicide Detective Cloyd Steiger.

Steiger is now focused on the 2012 murder of Petty Officer Gregory Anderson, a devoted father, husband and sailor stationed on the USS Nimitz. Anderson was shot last February outside a Seattle nightclub.

Steiger said he's 75 percent of the way toward nailing Anderson's killer, that close to calling Anderson's mother with some good news. It's very satisfying to call a parent and tell them you made an arrest in the murder of their child. That's the most satisfying thing, he said.

One family member of a different murder victim is still waiting for a detective to make that call to her.

It's harder to deal with the grief when you know the murderers are still out there. said Gazelle Williams, great aunt to Desmond Jackson, a young man killed outside a Seattle club one week after Anderson's murder.

Still reeling from Jackson's murder, Williams is doing detective work of her own. She's mapping the 2012 shootings and building files on suspects and witnesses who refuse to talk to police.

She think detectives should crack down harder on kids who refuse to talk.

The message that our justice system is sening to these young people, as long as you stick together, as long as you don't talk, then everybody's safe, she said.

Seattle's homicide unit has a nearly 85 percent solve rate. Steiger is confident that most of 2012's homicides will be solved.

This is a marathon not a sprint. Murder investigations are a marathon. It's a long, long process, he said.

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