Along with party favors and champagne bottles, Monroe will be celebrating with bottle rockets and other fireworks this New Year s Eve.

The explosives are legal there from 6 p.m. through 1a.m. While some are excited to celebrate, others are concerned.

They re dangerous, they re noisy, too many people get injured, fires, the whole thing. I think it s a mistake, said Ruth Rif, a Monroe resident.

It s a variable we can t control, said Ron Adams, a Captain with the Monroe Fire Department.

The fireworks can only be used inside city limits.

It s not easy on animals, said Adams.

Hope Rausch will bring her horses inside while people set their fireworks off. The loud noises can easily spook them.

When threatened they tend to run and if scared, they ll run through anything, said Rausch, a horse trainer.

Fire Stations will be fully staffed, ready to respond. Residents like Matt Martin say there s nothing wrong with celebrating 2013 with fireworks.

As long as you use common sense, you should have no problem, he said.

Monroe Police and Snohomish County Sheriff Deputies will be on patrol throughout the night responding to complaints and making sure fireworks will stay within Monroe city limits.

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