MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. - People continue to struggle with how to handle the news of the Connecticut school massacre. While parents decide how they will approach the subject with their young children, there is one mom who has decided to do something to help.

Saturday in Maple Valley inside the City Perk's coffee shop, parents and their kids lined up to get a photo with Santa Claus. Samantha Renee Dunn was hired to take the holiday pictures. Dunn, a new mom, was horrified by the shooting deaths of young children.

I don't really know what to say about it. It doesn't make sense, said Dunn. I wanted to take the opportunity I have been given to take Santa photos and turn it around to help people.

She plans to donate all the money she makes from the photos this weekend and next weekend to the shooting victims' families.

Grandparent Carla Kimball said, to know that she is doing this when she could use the money herself, it's pretty special.

Another parent said the pledged donations are the reason why her family showed up at City Perk on Saturday morning.

We felt like it was really important that we support this, said Kelly Allison.

Dunn said she does not have the right words to describe how she is feeling, but she definitely wants to do something to show support for the Newtown community. Dunn will be at City Perk on Saturday, December 22nd from Noon until 3 p.m.

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