SEATTLE - Newly released documents suggest former Washington State University wide receiver Marquess Wilson recanted his abuse allegations within hours of making them.

The more than 400 documents related to the investigation include a text from Wilson to Athletic Director Bill Moos at 11:33 p.m. on November 10 -- shortly after WSU played UCLA in Martin Stadium.

Wilson made allegations of physical and verbal abuse about Mike Leach and his coaching staff just a few hours before the game kicked off.

The note reads:

Moos forwarded the text to his email account and then sent the email to WSU President Elson Floyd, adding a short note: Sent to me at 11:33. Unfortunate as our guys gave a valiant effort and deserved to be the lead story.

Floyd responded at 8:14 a.m.: Well, the damage is done now. I must repair it and move on.

Later on Nov. 11, Floyd asked Moos and the Pac-12 Conference to investigate the player's claims. Moos released his report on the investigation on Wednesday; it cleared Leach and his staff of any wrongdoing. The Pac-12 investigation is still not complete.

The documents also shed light on the internal criticism of Leach and his staff, most notably Linebackers Coach Paul Valero and Defensive Coordinator Mike Breske. Both were named in complaint claims. The documents also include email to Moos from members of the public calling for Leach s firing.

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