The King County Council is preparing to provide police, road repair and flooding services for the portion of the City Pacific that lies within its borders.

The politicians are having a battle, said Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer. But we have to make sure that the public isn't the victim of the battle.

The Metropolitan King County budget committee approved an ordinance Tuesday to provide emergency services for Pacific starting January 1, but only for 9 months of 2013. The measure goes before the full council on December 10.

Pierce County officials are having similar discussions.

On Monday night, the town's residents voiced heavy opposition to becoming part of Auburn. But city councilmembers say Pacific is running out of choices, since it's losing its insurance at the end of the month.

We are at the end of what we have available to us, said Pacific Councilmember John Jones.

When Mayor Cy Sun tried to speak Monday to the gymnasium full of people, the council tried to tell him he was out of order. The mayor warned he would never support dissolving the city, then walked out.

Finger pointing aside, the town of Pacific must weigh the ideas of annexation and disincorporation and make a decision as early as next week.

Meanwhile, the Auburn City Council has approved a non-binding letter of intent to annex Pacific. The letter would be sent to the boundary review boards with the state, Pierce, and King counties.

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