RENTON - Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll was mum on whether his two star players face suspensions for performance enhancing drugs.

I'm not gonna comment about anything about it, said Carroll, This is a league issue.

Multiple reports suggested Monday that Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman both face four game suspensions after testing positive for Adderall. The prescription medication is usually given to patients for treatment of ADHD, but the NFL views the drug as a performance enhancer.

My first reaction was oh no, not again, says Dr. James Kriseman, of Overlake Hospital. We want our young people to look to athletes as role models and a misuse of medication in this fashion and it crumbles.

Kriseman, a practicing physician at the Redmond Clinic, says the drug does have its benefits for patients in need.

However, he says, it prompts increased blood pressure, and challenges the circulatory system, putting athletes at risk for cardiovasculatory issues down the road.

Kriseman also says the drug can potentially increase aggression, anxiety, and a shortness in emotion.

It's exactly that reason why the drug may be tempting for NFL caliber athletes.

On Tuesday, Eric Wright of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was slapped with a four game suspension for use of Adderall.

Both Seahawks have indicated they will fight the claim, with Sherman taking to Twitter on Monday to say This is issue will be resolved soon and the truth will come out. Not worried.

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