NEAR DUVALL, Wash. -- We were just here a week ago, said Wade Holden as he snapped a few photos before getting to work.

The job was a large pile under a bridge next to the Snohomish River near Duvall.

While most people are digging into leftovers the day after Thanksgiving, Holden and his crew spent the day digging into somebody else's trash. This is how members of the nonprofit group Friends of the Trail spend much of their holiday season.

Black Friday and Christmas result in a lot trash. There's all that packaging and it's out with the old electronics, furniture and whatever to make room for the new. For some, a trip down the road to the bridge is cheaper and easier than going to the transfer station.

So there it is, a big pile of unwanted stuff. Holden and his crew bagged it up and loaded it into their truck. They then headed to the transfer station before tackling another pile. They spen this Black Friday like so many before, cleaning up after someone else.

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