SEATTLE -- More than 20 Seattle police officers were called to the New Holly Gathering Hall Tuesday night, but it was not for a problem or emergency. It was for the 2nd Annual Ethnic Community Appreciation Night.

Officer Ernie DeBella and Detective Brad Craig were among the group being honored.

You just don't get positive feedback a lot of times at the scene, so this is different, said Ofc. DeBella.

Det. Craig said, it's nice for the community to recognize the police department.

Estela Ortega, the Executive Director of El Centro de la Raza, was among the many cheering on officers Tuesday, but over the years she's been a critic.

Things still have to change, but at the same time we can recognize that there are good police officers, said Ortega.

Ortega said past incidents with police, which led to the Department of Justice recently implementing changes, were hurtful. But she added events like the Police Appreciation Night are healing.

Mike Sotelo with the King County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said, if the Seattle Police Department has some problems, it doesn't effect all 1300 employees. We need to tell Seattle police thank you for the good work that you do.
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