EVERETT -- While Western Washington dealt with the fall freeze, the weather was no competition for Friday night football.

In Everett, the Jackson Timberwolves took on the Roosevelt Roughriders, but everyone battled the bitter cold.

Under the bright lights, Mother Nature was the one to beat.

I feel like an icicle, said William Botham, a football fan.

Marilyn Davis cheered on her grandson from the stands, but called her blanket the MVP.

I think I would have frost bite. I don t think I d be here without my blankets, said Davis.

While some braved the weather willingly, others didn t have a choice.

I opened my door and I see fire and I m like oh my god, said Christina Harris, after evacuating her apartment.

Christina Harris was one of many evacuated because a fire at her Shoreline apartment complex. She quickly ran outside in her bathrobe.

I m very, very cold, very, very, shivery, said Harris.

Back at the game, there were plenty of ways to brave the cold with coffee or hot chocolate. But fans say there s no doubt, bundling up is the game plan as fall fades into winter.

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