As we age, it may get harder for some people to shed those extra pounds. If you re also living with diabetes, you may have even more trouble. In fact, diabetes could add pounds, no matter how much you work out! Doctor Jerry Mixon from Longevity Medical Clinic was here to help us understand just what s happening, and how he and his doctors can help you get back on a health and fitness track!

For more information about the work being done by Dr. Mixon and the doctors at Longevity Medical Clinic, visit their website: Or call them: 1-866-86-YOUNG

Here's a list of upcoming Diabetes seminars hosted by Longevity Medical Clinic:

Bellevue: 1:07pm Saturday, November 10 at Bellevue Residence Inn

Tacoma: 6:07pm Saturday, November 10 at Tacoma Convention Center

Bellevue: 7:07pm Tuesday, November 13 at Bellevue Residence Inn

Lynnwood: 7:07pm Wednesday, November 14 at Lynnwood Convention Center

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