The deadline to register to vote in Washington has come and gone. And the Washington Secretary of State s Office says more people are registered to vote in the upcoming presidential election than in 2008.

Residents had until 4:30 p.m. Monday to make sure they stopped at the King County elections and administration offices to get ballots. Similar deadline rushes took place at county offices across Washington.

State elections officials said as of Sunday, 3.9 million people were registered for the 2012 election. That number will increase as last-minute voters are processed. In 2008, 3.6 voters registered and 84% took part in the election.

Greg Vendeland stood in line at the King County elections office in Renton to re-register. Although he s not thrilled about the candidates, he is eager to participate.

A lot of times when people talk, I think sometimes they forget that they listen, Vendeland said, referring to the candidates for political office. Sometimes, I think if they were to go back and listen to themselves they would be like, wow, did I really say that in public?

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