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On Monday, October 22nd, Michael Henrichsen turned 26 and on Friday his band, Nite Wave, is opening for Billy Idol at Henrichsen's birthday concert.

We're going to be opening in front of 2,000 for the greatest 80s rock legend of all time. I'm freaking out right now, Henrichsen said while visiting KING 5.

What started as an online campaign to get Billy Idol to play in Seattle for Henrichsen's birthday has turned into a global phenomenon.

The Billy Idol campaign started for Henrichsen after he graduated from college. He was working at two internships and a full-time retail job with $40,000 in school debt, but wanted to do something to jump start his career in public relations.

When a friend suggested getting Billy Idol to play for his birthday, Henrichsen set out to make it happen.

After two years of hard work and a number of celebrity endorsements, Billy Idol is set to take the stage at Showbox SODO Friday night.

The charity show to benefit Billy Idol Aid IV is sold out and tickets are selling online for as much as five times their face value.

It's jaw dropping, Henrichsen said.

As part of his Billy Idol crusade, Henrichsen held charity concerts for the Red Cross and Northwest Harvest.

With all the media coverage, Henrichsen said, There are people much worse off than me. It made sense to give back to those in need.

While he didn't expect this much attention, Henrichsen believed in his dream.

Never settle in life, Henrichsen said. If you want to dream big and achieve it, what's holding you back beyond yourself?

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