Same-sex marriage supporters staged a wedding in Seattle on Sunday as a way to show how the state would benefit economically if voters approve R-74 on the fall ballot.

Two men -- Jason Dorn and Brian Lammers -- said their I-dos at the ceremony after they won a contest. They were flown in from San Francisco.

R-74, if approved, would uphold the same-sex marriage legalization law passed early this year by the state legislature.

Opponents say the argument about the business boon to be garnered from legalizing gay marraige amounts fo economic propaganda.

Are gays not doing any ceremonies now? Don't they order any cakes? Don't they have any parties? Don't they dress up for special events? I mean, it's a false comparison, said one opponent, Pastor Joe Fuiten.

A recent KING 5 News poll shows just over half of Washington voters supporting R-74.

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