SEATTLE About 200 voters gathered at the Seattle Center Armory Tuesday night to watch the Town Hall Debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Several voters in attendance had their minds already made up.

Joel Baxter said he has decided to vote for Romney. As the debate came to an end, he felt his candidate did a good job, but he had wanted more from this second Presidential debate.

I was honestly a little frustrated with the debate in general because I thought there was so much more substance in the first debate. In this debate it was more name calling, said Baxter.

Kevin Dooms, an Obama supporter, said his candidate did a better job than Romney.

I think Obama was more presidential this time, and everyone is going to say how he did a better job than last time. That s pretty clear, said Dooms.

At the beginning of the debate, Mary Kelly Gaebel said she was still undecided about who she wants to be the next President.

I tend to go to the Republican side. I have always been a Republican voter. This year I am just having a real hard time deciding which way I want to go, said Gaebel. It is important I think to be here, watch the whole thing through, and really make up my own mind.

After watching the debate, Gaebel said she wanted more details from Romney when it comes to the deficit and taxes. She also wanted both candidates to talk more about issues related to the military.

I really have to go home tonight and think about what the next four years are going to be like, said Gaebel.

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