No criminal charges will be filed against the Mayor of Pacific, facing a recall, and the Pacific Police Department.

The decision was due a lack of evidence of any crime in both investigations, said the King County Sheriff'sOffice.

Mayor Cy Sun was accused of destroying city records in July following an incident in which he allegedly broke into a City Hall office. Sun was arrested and released.

Officers on thePacific Police Department were also investigated by the Washington StatePatrol, accused of criminal misconduct and mistreatment of individuals in custody.

Sun was recently ordered to fill eight city positions in order to help prevent Pacific from losing its insurance.

A judge has yet to rule on the petition to recall Sun. Organizers claim Sun's leadership has impeded city government and cost Pacific public embarrassment.

Sun was elected into office as a write-in candidate. He has said he's working to rid City Hall of corruption and wasteful spending.

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