It s time to kick off our first-ever New Day Deals show! We re venturing into online websites and applications that search out the very best deals on just about anything! Today we welcomed head of the Digital Media Graduate Program at the University of Washington, Hanson Hosein!

To check out the apps talked about during the show, take a look at the list below.

App Wrap with Hanson, which just launched its app:

iPad 3 in brand new Lifeproof Nuud case (waterproof, can swim with it);; video:

iPhone 5

Deal apps:

While shopping in person or locally:

-Amazon Price Check



-iSlick Free

-Kayak (travel, will predict whether fares will go up or down over a period of time) (Decide is the consumer goods price predictor equivalent of Kayak)


-Amazon Windowshop

Deal sites:


-Groupon HD

App for deals on Apps (very meta)

--Appsfire Deals

We'd like to promote our October 12 Four Peaks Elevation Series, a 1 day digital media bootcamp who want get the essence of the MCDM graduate program that I direct. More information at

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