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A Hood Canal man witnessed an unusual squabble between an eagle and a seagull.

Phil Hansten lives on Squamish Harbor and he says the salmon are hanging out in the harbor.

Hansten says on Monday morning, the resident bald eagle couple got one of the salmon, and were eating it on the beach.

But the seagulls were trying to steal some, creating some avian discord, he said.

The eagle was just minding his or her own business on the beach when a seagull decided to attack. In the photo you can just make out the seagull at the top.

The eagle instantly stuck a wing in the air to try to snag the seagull but it didn't work, Hansten said.

After several more strafing attacks by the seagulls, the eagle decided to leave them to the salmon.

Hansten said the eagle had been eating for several hours, so he or she must have had enough

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