FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- A memorial service for two teenage boys proved you didn t have to know them to be inspired by them.

The banner in the hallway of Christian Faith school starts with a thought that will never be finished: As far as being missed goes...

All the people who filled Christian Faith Center in Federal Way Monday don t even come close to all the people 16-year-old Andrew Lusink and 18-year-old Ben Skagen touched.

The two boys were hiking Otter Falls last weekend. Andrew fell first about 100 feet into the water below. And then Ben fell too.

I believe Ben fell not to his death but into the loving arms of Jesus, said Ben s dad, Brad Skagen.

The families of both boys celebrated who they were both strong in sports and even stronger in faith.
Both loved the outdoors. Ben s mom Christina Skagen talked about their home-turned-wildlife refuge.

A couple of months ago he set a trap for a squirrel. They caught it, painted a stripe down its back, set it free so they could keep an eye on it, she said.

A kid who loved adventure, Ben s casket was a tribute to his love of all things motorsport.

Andrew Lusink s father read from a letter he wrote for his son.

I know you know how much I love you, he said.

It is a tribute through words inspired by his son s actions. Andrew was a Christian missionary, a kid whose life was about love. And, thanks to his dad, humility.

As far as sons go, you re the to Joel, his father said.

Two young lives cut short, but who leave the legacy of a lifetime.

Accounts for both families have been set up through Wells Fargo Bank.

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