In Hatch, New Mexico, the chile capital of the world, as summer cools down, things are just heating up for their world-famous crops.

To celebrate this harvest of chiles, Z'Tejas restaurant in Bellevue is bringing back their annual Chile Fest, which runs through September 23. Executive Chef Derek Stewart demonstrated their Chicken and Crab Rellenos, which is part of their special ChileFest menu, and paired with refried beans cooked in beer.

Other featuerd menu items include braised chicken sopas, grilled bananas with hatch chile cream pie, and ancho chocolate pie.

One dollar from the sale of each entree on the Chile Fest menu will be donated to theBellevueFirefighters Community Support Foundation. Click here for more info or to make reservations.


Chicken Crab Relleno Filling

Achiote Chicken, cooked, cooled, diced 8 oz
Coconut Polenta, prepped 1 lb
Crab Meat (blue crab) 8 oz
Jack cheese, shredded 8 oz

1. Place all ingredients into large mixing bowl. Be sure chicken and polenta are completely cooled prior to making filling.
2. Using gloved hands, be sure to break up all polenta and incorporate all ingredients until evenly dispersed.
3. Stuff as many rellenos as needed.
4. Place left over stuffing in plastic storage container and reserve. Cover, Label, Date and refrigerate

Coconut Polenta

Corn Meal 7 oz.
Coconut Milk 2 each 14 oz can
Roasted Corn kernels 3/4 cup
Chipotle Puree 2 tsp
Black Pepper, ground 1/2 tsp
Salt, Kosher 2 tsp
Butter, melted 2 oz

1. Place the corn meal & coconut milk in a 10 qt sauce pan - bring to a boil on a medium heat. Reduce heat to low and cook until thickened approximately 5 minutes - STIRRING constantly.
2. Add corn, chipotle and seasonings and cook additional 3 minutes- then add butter and whisk until completely incorporated.
3. Spray small sheet pan with pan spray and pour mix making sure to spread evenly to cover bottom of sheet pan equally. Place in fridge and allow to completely cool down prior to utilizing in relleno stuffing.
4. Cover, label, Date and Refrigerate.

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