SEATTLE -- Mayor Mike McGinn on Friday announced that he wants a $16 million boost in the public safety budget to expand the city's police force by 10 officers and add more technology to help the force fight crime.

McGinn said the economy is picking up, so after years of cuts there is now more money for the police department.

Restore some of those cuts, invest in new priorities and focus on things people care about, McGinn said.

The Mayor also wants to buy a gunshot locator system that can pin-point where a gun was fired and determine the caliber of the weapon used. Fifty-two mobile locators would be placed in the city's crime hot-spots under his plan.

I don't think it will make a difference, said a young man in Seattle's Central Area. If they can't get to it before the gun goes off.

McGinn said, Certainly, arresting somebody whose engaging in gunfire in the streets of Seattle has a great effect of reducing gun violence in the future.

The Mayor's budget would also replace some of SPD's aging patrol car computers.

But the biggest investment would be adding ten officers, far short of the 20 new cops a year called for in the Neighborhood Policing Plan passed five years ago.

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