The Lakewood police officer who embezzled money from a fund set up to aid the families of four officers killed in the line of duty in 2009 faces new charges of identity theft and forgery.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said Wednesday that Skeeter Manos is accused of stealing the identity of an accountant to hide his embezzlement from the Lakewood Police Independent Guild Fund.

After Manos was arrested and pled guilty earlier this year to embezzling from the victims' fund, his replacement as guild president contacted the office of accountant Roy Ovist to request copies of the guild's tax returns. Ovist told Bell that he had not done tax returns for the guild since 2005 and had not prepared or signed the audit that Manos presented to guild members in 2011.

At the request of Lakewood's Police Department, Tacoma Police investigated the forged audit and learned that a copy of that audit had been e-mailed from a email address. Ovist told police that he had never used this e-mail address, never had any contact with the defendant, and had not dealt with LPIG since 2007. A computer analysis determined that the e-mails that purported to be from Ovist came from the same computer IP address. This IP address matched Manos's computer, which had been used to access the guild website and correspond with members.

Lakwood PD released a short statement about the new charges: The Police Department is pleased with the decision by the Prosecutor's Office to charge Manos with the alleged offenses and the fact that Manos is being held accountable.

Manos was sentended in June to 33 months (2.75 years) in prison and ordered to pay $159,000 in restitution for wire fraud in connection with the embezzlement charges.

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