GIG HARBOR, Wash. -- Randall and Karla Kinney, along with their attorney, were the first to find a seat at Thursday night's school board meeting.

The first order of business was addressing the Kopachuck Middle school incident.

I ask that we refrain from rushing to judgement and picking sides, said school board president Jill Uddenberg.

In February, students captured cell phone video that showed a 13-year-old boy being held by his hands and feet. He was swung around by fellow students. The teacher, John Rosi, participated at times too.

The boy's parents, Randall and Karla Kinney, stood before school leaders.

They were holding him down, pulling up his underwear, laughing at him, putting socks in his mouth, said Randall as he described what happened to his son.

He let down all the students and he let down all the other teachers at Kopachuck. He should have done better, said parent Kelly Keenan.

While no one stood up in support of the teacher at the meeting, former students have been coming to his defense on social media. The teacher's attorney says this was a case of horseplay not bullying.

School leaders listened, but took no official action.

The boy's parents are not taking any legal action yet. They want to let the sheriff's office investigate first.

We will allow that process to move forward and make our evaluations based on their findings and decisions, said Kinney.

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