GRANDISLE, La. - Days after Isaac stormed the Gulf Coast, residents in one community have another mess to clean up. Tar balls washed ashore on Elmer's Island on Wednesday.

Representatives from the Louisiana Governor's office say they are convinced this is BP's oil and they want it cleaned up.

Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle grew curious when he noticed fisherman coming back with small catches.

All in all, I am very concerned about it. It's destroying our fishing community. We work closely with the coast guard and trying to tell them we knew this was coming, he said.

Laboratory results will determine whether the tar balls and mats washing up on several miles of beach are from the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon spill.

Mayor Camardelle said he has called BP officials. Next week, he heads to Washington to lobby for coastal erosion and other levee problems.

An oil mat was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico forced the closure of coastals waters between Elmer's Island and Port Fourchon, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

BP has issued a statement saying it's premature to make any claims.

Scientists are able to fingerprint oil and if they can match it to the millions of gallons that flowed into the Gulf after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP will be required to clean it up.

The discovery comes during the same week the U.S. Department of Justice accused BP of gross negligence that led to the disaster which killed 11 workers and slathered miles of beaches and wildlife in oil.

Investigators say they won't know until tomorrow or Friday if the oil is from the BP rig.

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