Four days into Seahawk training camp and Golden Tate and Ricardo Lockette have done nothing but impress. Pete Carroll says, Golden has made a big push and it's just a matter of going to him, he's really a good football player and I'm really excited. It just feels comfortable firing the ball at him 8 or 9 times a day and he's going to make stuff happen. After a rough rookie season, Tate was humbled and says he learned from his growing pains during the end of last season. Ilearned to prepare like I'm a starter regardless if I'm3rd string or the 6th string and I think it's starting to come, everyday I show up and practice like I'm going to start, I'm going to play and the quarterbacks started showing that they could trust me.

The quarterbacks are also finding trust with Ricardo Lockette out of Fort Valley State. The 2nd year receiver is a dangerous threat that canfly down the field, earning him a suitable nickname. Everyone has speed, but the Rocket is a little bit faster, so I look forward to a big year and trying to control that speed is definately a hard thing, but I'm working on it, says Ricardo Lockette. Head Coach Pete Carroll who's been impressed with Lockette says, We got him thinking that everyday he's going to come out here and show how fast he is, everyday, just show us the speed because that's truely what he brings.

Ricardo Lockette is quick, but he even admits he wasn't fast enough to compete in the Olympics in the 200 meter dash. I sat out a year to train for the Olympics, I ran a 20.33 which didn't qualify me because those guys run like 19, but it was a personal best for me, I was satisfied, so I switched back over to football and here I am, says Lockette.

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