A San Antonio woman is among the victims killed in a mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater early Friday morning, family members confirm to KENS 5.

Jessica Ghawi, 24, anxiously tweeted about the Batman movie premiere on Thursday, saying Never thought I'd have to coerce a guy into seeing the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises with me.

@JessicaRedfield's last tweet was simply: MOVIE DOESN'T START FOR 20 MINUTES.

Ghawi is among 12 people killed and dozen more injured while attending The Dark Knight Rises premiere at a Denver-area movie theater, family members have confirmed.

Ghawi, a hockey blogger who also went by the last name Redfield, was attending the premiere with long-time friend and ex-boyfriend Brent Lowak, of Bulverde, Texas. Lowak's father told KENS 5 thathis son wasshot once in theleft buttocks while crawling away from the gunfire.

Lowak's father told KENS 5 that his son underwent surgery

Friday morning to have the bullet removed and and shrapnel removed from his shoulder.He said Lowak is expected to survive, but that doctors were having trouble stopping the bleeding and are concerned about permanent damage.

Gwahi's brother, Jordan Ghawi,wrote in his blog on Friday morning that he received a hysterical call from his mother stating that his sister had been shot. He wrote that he then contacted Brent Lowak.

I was able to contact the man that was with my sister, mutual friend Brent, who stated that they were in the theatre when an incendiary device was fired into the crowd and that shots rang out immediately afterwards. Brent further stated that he took two rounds and that my sister took one round followed by an additional round which appeared to strike her in the head.

The gunman, identified as James Holmes, 24, is in custody. Police said he stood at the front of the theater and fired into the crowd.

A law enforcement source told Orr that Holmes' residence was booby-trapped, and that police saw what looked like buckets of extra ammunition and some kind of chemical inside his home.

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