A hiker missing since Friday was found dead in the Green Mountain area of the Snoqualmie National Forest.

John Wright's body was found at the 3,400 foot level in the Green Mountain area. He had apparently fallen several hundred feet and did not survive the fall. Footprints led up to the cliff where he fell. It's not known if the cliff gave way or if he slipped.

Wright, 50, of University Place was reported missing after failing to pick up his daughter after his hike.

The search began Saturday morning. Wright's car was found at the Snoqualmie River Middle Fork Trailhead off Exit 34 along Interstate 90.

Searchers focused on the Green Mountain area of the Snoqualmie National Forest, where searchers found a footprint and a hiker reported seeing Wright on a trail Friday. The footprint was found about five miles where Wright's vehicle was found.

Two helicopters, horse teams and about 25 searchers on foot helped search for him, focusing their efforts on a drainage area on the south face of the mountain.

Wright has climbed Mount Rainier and Mount Baker and was described as an experienced hiker with good survival skills.

The Green Mountain area is rugged and steep with a maze of trees trunks and bushes.

Wright's family and friends are devastated.

He was just a great guy, great guy. I find myself getting goosebumps, I'm in shock because I realize I'm talking about him in the past tense, said Wright's friend, Mark Horner.

To see it end this way was too much for everone involved.

It's tragic, said Cindi West, with the King County Sheriff's Office.

Wright's body will be evacuated via helicopter.

KING 5's Travis Pittman, Jake Whittenberg, Susan Wyatt, Meg Coyle and Liza Javier contributed to this report.

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