Gunfire between two people erupted at a Federal way bar Wednesday morning, killing one person and wounding six others.

Officers believe the suspect and the victim who died opened fire on each other.

We still don't know what the fight was about, said Federal Way Police Deputy Chief Andy Hwang

The man who died was identified as Cloise Young, 23, from Kent.

The suspect was injured in the shooting. He drove himself and another wounded victim to Valley Medical Center. He was released a few hours later and taken into police custody.

Police said the suspect -- a 21-year-old male from Federal Way -- has an extensive record, including 27 arrests with felony gun convictions. Police also said that before the shooting began, the suspect yelled out that he is a member of a gang.

The confrontation happened outside Johnny's Famous Grill and Bar, located at 2318 Southwest 336th Street, just as the bar was closing.

As the men were leaving, the suspect allegedly turned and fired his weapon multiple times and Young returned fire. The gunfire was exchanged in front of many witnesses, said Hwang.

When officers arrived on scene, they found Young dead and two other gunshot victims. Later, two more victims were brought to another hospital. Finally, the suspect and another victim drove themselves to Valley Medical Center.

Police conducted a search of the vehicle the suspect used to travel to the hospital.

In all, five men and one woman were injured in the shooting. The woman suffered the most serious injuries. She is being treated at Harborview Medical Center with a wound to her abdomen. She and another victim are in satisfactory condition and remain at Harborview as of Wednesday evening.

Word of Young's death spread quickly among his family and friends. They gathered at the shooting scene, and did not leave until Young's body was removed.

He was a great guy, he was here with friends for a birthday party, and he wasn't in a gang, says long time friend Shannon Gergen.

Young leaves behind a two-year-old daughter.

He loved that little girl and took really good care of her, added Gergen.

KING 5's Linda Brill, Roberta Romero, Lindsay Chamberlain, Tom Kim and Jake Whittenberg contributed to this report.

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