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SEATTLE -- The Japanese consulate in Seattle has confirmed that a boat that washed up on a Washington state beach was debris from last year's devastating tsunami -- and it's owner doesn't want it back.

Consulate spokesman Travis Doty says the Japanese government used the boat's registration number to track down the owner, who confirmed having lost it from the northern part of the island of Honshu during the March 2011 disaster.

The 20-foot fiberglass boat was discovered near Ilwaco at Cape Disappointment State Park on Friday. State workers have steam-cleaned the boat and determined it to be free of invasive species or pathogens, and officials say they plan to display the boat at the park.

The boat pieces appeared Friday on Benson Beach. The pieces were part of a motor, a possible bridge and a superstructure. There was also a life vest found on the vessel with Japanese writing.

A portion of the 66-foot long dock found on Oregon's Agate Beach near Newport will also remain there for a local memorial.

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